Nano Steamer
Nano Steamer
Nano Steamer
Nano Steamer
Nano Steamer
Dr Amgenic

Nano Steamer

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Product Description

Our lightweight, compact, and easy-to-use Nano Steamer is highly effective and comes with a 200 ml tank capacity. It is a healthy choice for your family & easy to use by one and all. It is also a recommended steam vaporizer for babies. It is advised for use during allergies, cold, cough, flu, sinus congestion, or dryness. Its fast heating capability fastens the relieving process. It has a plastic body to prevent electric shocks and is extremely easy to use and clean. Besides the advantages it carries during sickness, steaming is also good for skin as it opens pores & helps in deep cleansing.

Key Features 

  • Portable and Light Weight.
  • Our Nano Steamer is equipped with a robust locking system. The usage of such a system ensures the safety of the device and the prevention of any accidental use.
  • Compact & Easy to Use
  • The device is portable & compact; it occupies less space & apt to be carried along anywhere. It is pretty much simple to use by people of all ages.
  • Fast Heating 
  • Once switched on, our Nano Steamer heats the water quickly, thus acting as a healer and providing instant relief.
  • Superior Quality
  • Our Nano Steamer for babies and adults is a quality product worth the purchase. It stands with our motto of making life easy by facilitating health & well-being through innovation. 
  • Light in Weight
  • Light in weight, easily portable, and highly compact are the chief selling points of Dr Amgenic Nano Steamer. You may place it at home, take it to the office, or carry it wherever you go.  
  • Tank Capacity 200 ml



Dr Amgenic



Tank Capacity

200 ml

Country of Origin




Cord Length

1.5 meter 


ISO 13485


Cold, Cough, Flu, Dryness, Sinus, Allergies

Net quantity 

1 count 

Other Information

      • Main benefits

Our steam vaporizer is an excellent product that provides relief from cold, cough, flu, and sinus problems. It is also beneficial in case of dryness or allergies. 

      • Made in India

Our steam vaporizer is a product Made in India. We believe in making life easy and providing Health & Well-Being Solutions through Innovations.

      • Quality Standard Certifications

We are ISO 13485 certified for our quality management system. Our steam vaporizer meets customer and applicable regulatory requirements.

Model : NS-01

Nano Steamer
Nano Steamer
Nano Steamer
Nano Steamer
Nano Steamer

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