Dr Amgenic - Unlocking technology to create healthcare products that matter.

We are creating the shortest path to the best care

It all started with understanding your life—knowing the challenges you face and where changes in healthcare and technology impact your lifestyle.

Combining our unconventional thinking, experience, and critical input from consumers, we create products that make life easy. 

Make Life Easy

Understanding healthcare trends is crucial to making smart decisions today. We look at the larger picture to spot trends and uncover insights that inform our experience and support your life goals by bringing together products that make life easy for you and your loved ones.

Whether it is about creating an easier-to-use thermometer or life-saving equipment like oxygen concentrators, we aim to make life easy by bringing in products designed to help make your at-home care easy, efficient, and effective.


Dr Amgenic

Dr Amgenic lets people take the power of their health into their own hands with the most accurate and safe home healthcare devices. We see healthcare as a connected ecosystem. We aim to help our society live healthily by timely prevention, diagnosis of acute diseases. We offer easy-to-operate devices for general wellness and swift patient recovery at the comfort of your home.


Backed by science and endorsed by professionals

Dr Amgenic includes a range of technology-backed products in wellness, diagnosis, and chronic Aid. We commit easy home care access to everyone, and our resolution further gets stronger in a time of global pandemic: we’ll make life easy and never stop taking care of you. 

We have a proud heritage of ground-breaking pharmaceutical product manufacturing expertise that stretches back almost twenty-five years.

Meaningful products – focused on our customers’ needs – remain at the heart of everything we do.

One Team. One Mission. One Billion Lives. 

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