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Winters are a lot of fun, but with kids, they can also mean cold, cough, flu, runny nose, and endless medicines. Kids are more prone to catching flu during winters, because of the weather conditions and viruses or bacteria which are present in the environment. However, by taking a few steps you can easily take care of your kids and prevent them from having a fever. 

Follow this list to make your kids ready for the winters: 

  • Flu Shots: Get kids vaccinated for their annual flu shots.
  • Handwashing: Lots of infectious diseases can be avoided by proper handwashing. So let’s get kids in the habit of washing hands regularly, without getting them too dry.
  • Mask: Wearing a face mask outdoors will help in avoiding germs.
  • Teach them How to Cough: Kids should be taught the correct way to cough by using a handkerchief or tissue or coughing in their folded elbow, rather than coughing in their hands and spreading germs.
  • Moisturize: Winters means dry, itchy skin, which can be taken care of by oiling the skin (almond/olive oil), using cold cream and moisturizer, and using sunscreen daily.
  • Bath: Kids should be given a bath regularly in winters; avoid the extra hot water, leading to more dryness.
  • Make them Dress aptly: Thumb Rule: Kids should wear 1 extra layer than adults. The first layer should be a cotton layer against the skin, and the last layer should be a jacket with zipping so that it is convenient to take it off. Clothes should be wind/ waterproof depending on the place where you live. Use winter accessories like caps, mittens/ gloves, warm socks, mufflers and scarves, and thermals.
  • Diet: Give them a balanced diet with vitamin-rich fruits, vegetables, and nuts.
  • Keep them Hydrated: Water consumption tends to reduce in winters, so try giving hot beverages to kids like soup, hot chocolate, and warm infused water to keep them hydrated. Also, let them carry their water bottles to schools/ parks/ activities to avoid sharing water.
  • Heaters: Keep a bowl of water if using room heaters for kids and prefer oil heaters.
  • Play: Don’t punish kids by not playing outdoors in winter instead make them play inside the house. Additionally, avoid them to come in contact with someone who is sick; avoid playing only during very low temperatures. Let them be active.
  • Aerate the rooms: Do this regularly, especially during morning sun hours.
  • Wash Winter clothes: Winter clothes might not get sweaty, but they accumulate dust, so make sure to wash them regularly.
  • Toys: Wash their toys at regular intervals too.

  • Brownie Tip: If your child’s lips are chapped or dry, use lip balm or oil in their navel area, massage their feet with warm oil for the extra warmth and let them sleep well in a warm room.

    Issues that can get triggered during winters

    Sometimes no matter how much you take care of your kid there are certain issues that are bound to happen. We are going to throw some light on how you can combat them to ensure that you have your shield guard up for them.  

  • Dry skin: Lack of humidity causes this, especially dryness on hands, mouth. Use chemical-free, mild soap only and regularly moisturize skin with oil or moisturizers.
  • Asthma: Keep stock refills and medicines ready. Take pediatric prescription.
  • Eczema: This can also get aggravated during winters. Along with regular moisturizing, please seek a doctor’s help.
  • Nosebleeds: Moisturize the child’s nose with saline or a nasal gel to avoid nose bleeding.
  •  Medical intervention: Do not overdo medicines on your own; seek a pediatrician’s opinion before giving medicines.
  • How can Dr. Amgenic make it easier to take care of your child at home? 

    Digital Clinical Thermometer: This is the easiest and most accurate way to know body temperature. They are portable, have permanent probes and digital displays. These mercury-free thermometers are equipped with a beep alarm and memory function. They are break-resistant.

    Flexible Thermometer: These are temperature-sensing instruments that are portable, have permanent probes and digital display. These mercury-free thermometers have a flexible tip to measure temperature orally, rectally, and in the underarm pit. They are equipped with a beep alarm and memory function.

    Steam Vaporizer: This high-quality steam vaporizer with a mask is a must for a cold/ cough/ sinus. It clears nasal passages through the mist. It is sturdy, easy to use, compact, and light in weight.

    Nebulizer: This highly reliable nebulizer provides aerosol medication therapy to facilitate the medicine to reach deep into the lungs. It’s portable and light, hence, easy to carry, and comes with a safety fuse too.

    Dr. Amgenic’s products are easy to use, easy to carry, and of the best quality. They believe in empowering each individual to take care of their health with the most accurate and safe healthcare devices.

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