Mattress for a healthy sleep

In old age, people often experience changes in their sleeping patterns. Troubled sleep becomes a part of their night and they often wake up feeling tired and lethargic. Many factors ranging from the medication side effects or chronic pain to tossing and turning the whole night can be the reason for a senior citizen to have a sleepless night. 

Primarily bedridden senior citizens also face daily challenges of not being able to live their life like an average person. A night of troubled sleep is not something that a bedridden person dreams of having. But this great feeling can turn into an annoyance real quick if it deprives one of the comforts of a good mattress. A sleep-deprived person gets tired physically, but it also takes a toll on their mental health. 

Here are some common reasons for sleep deprivation in the elderly-

  • Dementia 
  • Irregular wake-up times
  • Restless legs syndrome
  • Not having a proper diet
  • Medication effects
  • Social changes
  • Not sleeping on a good quality mattress

Chronic sleep problems, if not treated, can face nervous system problems or severe cardiovascular issues. A good mattress becomes the solution to many problems. Bedridden patients find air mattresses suitable for these challenging times. Let’s know more about air mattresses.

What are air mattresses?

An air mattress is also known as an airbed or blow-up bed, and they are an inflatable mattress made of polyvinyl chloride, more commonly known as PVC. Air mattresses are a product that prevents the initial stages of bedsores that are very common in bedridden patients. An air mattress provides all the comfort of a regular bed but with its other qualities, i.e., having cells and pumps, aids in the blood flow regulation in the body. 

Why air mattress is the solution for bedridden senior citizens?

 Air mattresses have a particular design for individuals whose condition causes them to spend the maximum amount of their day in bed. Bedridden patients face the risk of developing bedsores. A good mattress with higher density foam either helps prevent bedsores or makes them worse. As a patient is stuck on a standard bed with limited mobility, constant rubbing with the mattresses without ventilation can cause the skin to develop bedsores. On the other hand, air mattresses can help alleviate those conditions as they have air pockets, cause of which an individual never feels too much pressure at any one particular part of their body.

What features to look for when buying an air mattress?

To buy a good air mattress, one should ensure comfort and healing and do not provide any kind of discomfort. 

  • Water-resistant
  • Fire resistant
  • Pain relief
  • Durability
  • Comfortable to use
  • Alternate pressure points
  • Convenience 

Senior citizens need more than a standard mattress. Even if the citizens over their 50s maintain an active lifestyle as much as possible, they still demand more personal care. Dr Amgenic air mattress with excellent air quality ensures comfort for you and your loved ones without any compromise. Their medial graded product is ISO certified and has ideal equipment to prevent pressure soreness. For bedridden patients having bedsores or other issues related to standard bed can be of grave concern, so at times it is good to know that trusted and inexpensive options are available in the market to offer relief. 

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