Wellness technology: devices for health, prevention, wellbeing

Finding simple ways of making everyday life easy is one of the fundamental justifications for new health technology. The following set of healthcare devices, which we’ve grouped together under the umbrella of wellness technology, have one thing in common – they all offer new approaches to existing problems, combining design and tech in order to brighten your day, boost your health and wellbeing, and make life a little easier. 

A range of products have been launched and people are persuaded to use them in daily life. Understanding the importance of health care and using appropriate devices within a specific period can help in maintaining a healthy lifestyle in the long run. One needs to make crucial decisions as early as possible for the betterment of ourselves and loved ones. 

We should look at the bigger picture and always put our trust in the ones who know a perfect balance of how to understand science and technology hand in hand. The professionals whose motive is to provide a range of products and services that go swiftly within the social norms. There is no better use of technology than one being able to understand it and use it on its own without being dependent on other people. 

Covid-19 has got ourselves stuck into our homes, with hospitals being occupied with critical patients and people are left on their own to take care of basic health requirements. This is where technology comes into play, by delivering the products easily used at home in times of need.

How do technology in healthcare impact our lives during COVID?

Digital technology has played a significant role in these tough times during COVID. If we look at the brighter side, the pandemic allowed the people to grow and learn about the technology and healthcare that might help them in making their everyday life easier. Digital technology offered various home equipment for an individual to put into use to take care of themselves and their loved ones. 

Below we’re going to look at some of the digital health technologies that got accelerated in this pandemic and had a global impact:

A few ‘must have’ medical equipment at home:

Digital thermometer -  A digital thermometer is an easy and accurate way to measure the body temperature, whenever and wherever needed. Its portable nature makes it convenient to carry along anywhere.

  • Heat sensors help in determining the body temperature
  • Easy to read display
  • Internal timers for accuracy
  • Reading of the last temperature helps in keeping track
  • Is waterproof and easy to clean 

Digital Blood pressure monitor - This one is a must to be present at home for anyone with elders at home, has a history of hypertension, or suffering from BP. A Digital BP monitor is a device that measures your blood pressure fully automatically. This monitor also provides an accurate and precise BP and pulse rating. 

  • Easy to read, digital LED display
  • Most accurate and reliable results
  • Convenient to access and check BP anywhere
  • Fully automatic inflation and deflation

Pulse oximeter - Pulse oximeter is a device used to measure the blood oxygen saturation level and pulse rate. The pulse oximeter just simply attaches to the fingertip and does the reading to measure the oxygen saturation and pulse rate. 

  • Based on digital technology and highly reliable
  • Comes with easy to read LED display
  • Have automatic standby/sleep feature
  • Comfortable and portable design

Steam vaporizer - Steam vaporizer is a steam inhaler that gives warm and humid mist to be easily absorbed by the nostrils. It helps in relieving the congestion caused by the sinus and in the nasal passages. It provides instant relief from cold, cough, and allergic sneezes.

  • Strong and superior quality body to prevent shocks
  • Lightweight and portable, provided with a mask
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Fast heating feature, while releasing the soothing vapor

Equipment that is ‘good to have’ and helps in the treatment:

Nebulizer - A nebulizer is an equipment that transforms liquid medication into a mist that is absorbed by the patient into the lungs. This equipment provides aerosol medication therapy to facilitate the effective absorption of medicines, deep into the lungs.

  • Light in weight and comes with a mask
  • Easy to operate and clean
  • The presence of low particle sizes, hence making absorption easy
  • Swift and effective respiratory therapy

Oxygen concentrator - An oxygen concentrator is a machine that uses the nearby air to filter the oxygen from the atmosphere, supplying it to the individual. Patients having any kind of respiratory issues or any oxygen-lacking disease can use this concentrator for pure oxygen. 

  • Innovative cooling technology
  • Easy to use and portable
  • Available in different flow rates
  • Minimum noise generation while operating

All these health care products play a very important role in the prevention, detection, and treatment of various disorders. Dr Amgenic range of products allows people to feel safe because timely detection, and take care of it in the most accurate and safest way possible. They provide efficient and effective results, offering all of this in the comfort of home. 

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