4 Tips to Keep in Mind During Season Change

With the winter season bidding, adieu and spring emerge in full swing. It might get tricky for people to keep pace with these seasonal changes. In these varying seasons, our health might call for help for its proper care that suits the weather. It can either be a changed diet or change in routine or getting started with some exercises. One should also keep a healthcare kit handy with medical equipment such as a thermometer, BP Monitor and pulse oximeter

It’s essential to prepare our health and mind for the change. There doesn’t have to be many decisions to handle changing seasons, but following some simple tips might go long. Below are a few fantastic tips to go for that will prepare our bodies for the incoming summer season and help us take better care of our health.

Stay Hydrated- 

Keeping yourself hydrated is one of the best gifts you can give your body. Excessive sweating and heat of the summer month can dehydrate your body, leaving you to feel chills and fever. Prioritizing your water intake is very important. Less consumption of water might make you crave food without even being hungry. Drinking enough throughout the day will help in flushing out all the toxins. It also keeps the throat moist, which won’t let bacteria stick around for a long time. After a while, if you start getting bored with plain water, try adding some lemon or strawberries to have some change. Drinking 8-9 glasses of water is a great way to stay healthy. 

Have a nutritious diet-

A healthy diet is a must to meet the nutritional requirements necessary by the body. Consuming seasonal fruits and vegetables have their own charm and health benefits. Freshly harvested fruit is full of minerals and vitamins that act as an immunity booster for your health. Having fruits that have high water content provides you with essential nutrients and cools down the body, and keeps it hydrated. Locally grown seasonal food improves your immune system and digestion. Avoid having street food for a while, no matter how indulging and appealing it can be. 

Sleep well-

Irregular sleeping patterns can take a toll on your health. Sleep plays a vital role in repairing the muscles that we use throughout the day. It is also an essential part of building our immunity. Switching from deciding to turn off the fan in winter to turn on the air conditioners in summer can be the reason for the person to have irregular sleep patterns. For your sleeping patterns to fall through, try going to bed simultaneously every day. Avoid having coffee at least 2 hours before bedtime. Make a habit of reading before sleeping and avoiding using electronic devices a minimum of an hour before bedtime. 

Stay active throughout- 

Last but not least conspicuous way to stay healthy is to be active during season change. Regular exercise can boost your immunity system and help in building up your stamina. Exercise doesn’t always have to be outdoors or doesn’t have to be specific, like gym, cycling or running. You can pick up your favorite physical activities like football, cricket, volleyball, or even skipping indoors. But giving yourself at least 150 minutes of a good workout session per week is highly recommended by the doctors.

Starting your day with a workout keeps you active and energetic throughout the day. Weather changes might lead to humid days with people having breathing issues while working out. One should always keep the pulse oximeter in their first aid kit and keep a frequent check. 

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