How to stay healthy as a working woman

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When you lead a busy life, it gets easier to lose track of the time you make for yourself. Modern life quickly means busy life. It's all about making money, having personal goals, fulfilling your professional aspirations, keeping in touch with friends and family, and sometimes even relaxing. Ladies are known as "superwomen" cause people expect them to do everything, whether helping your teen with homework, being the official team manager or making unique dishes for the family. 

Women are constantly juggling responsibilities. With always living life for other people and keeping them happy, women often forget to care for their health. Achieving work-life balance is hard, but healthcare is not limited to a particular age. Here are some tips to help you create the right balance in your life.

Get the right amount of sleep

Sleep is essential, but we often replace it for things our loved ones ask. To keep up with the responsibilities of everyone around you, you often lose track of how much you're sleeping. Maintaining a healthy sleep routine can be tricky, but once you start prioritizing seven hours of sleep a night, you'd see a drastic change in how things function now. Having a good night's sleep strengthens your immune system, manages stress so much better, and improves your mood. 

No matter how tempting it is to finish that one last piece of work, don't lose your sleep over it, as once you get in the flow of working, you won't be closing that project anytime soon without perfecting it for the next 2 hours. Not getting adequate sleep can negatively affect both mental and physical health. So having an undisturbed sleep won't only make you energetic but also keeps your health in check.

Another reason for having disturbed sleep can be the presence of a bedridden patient in your home that requires constant care throughout the night. You’ve to look after them to help them frequently move so that the exerting pressure is not at any point for a long time. Getting an air mattress can be the solution for you and the patient, too, to have a peaceful sleep. 

Hydrate yourself

The importance of drinking water is never stressed enough. According to your body, drinking around 7-9 glasses of water helps flush out the toxins in your body. Dehydration might lead to severe health issues, including weight gain, headaches, joint pain, fatigue etc. however, having plane water can be a bit depressing at times. At that time, the perfect way to match your daily water intake is by either including water-dense foods or adding lemon or strawberries to your water. 

Not having enough water may also lead you to crave food, even when you’re not hungry. Dehydration means overeating and gaining weight unnecessarily, only cause you didn’t listen to your body needing water.

Prioritize your mental health

Self-care is about acknowledging that you already have too much on your plate and there's nothing wrong with taking a break. Living a busy life has many benefits, such as accomplishing your goals or just living life to the fullest, but it also means giving very little time to yourself, sitting with yourself, and figuring life out. All the ignorance of your life's essential matters that demand your attention can cause mental health problems.

Being a woman might make you feel that as everyone expects you to finish everything, you can put them above your needs and happiness. There's an old saying, "You can't pour from an empty cup", which means that if you're sick and worn out yourself, you won't be able to take care of your loved ones and those who need you. 

Have proper meals

Skipping meals is the first frequent thing when the person starts getting busy. And later, when you feel hungry, junk food and quick meals become your last resort cause you're too tired to cook. The best way is to prepare your meals in advance. Whenever you get time on the weekends, do the washing, chopping and storing part of your vegetables in your fridge. On a busy day, all you've to do is heat those frozen vegetables to cook a bit, add some spices to them, and have a healthy homemade meal ready in no time. 

Switch to go-to meals such as salads and healthy sandwiches. Make sure to never eat in a hurry. Always take out time to have your meals in peace. Fast eating sometimes leads to overeating, and it's advisable to always eat at a slow pace chewing it properly. It helps you in digestion and keeps you full for longer. 

Pick a physical activity you love

Life is too beautiful to be serious all the time. Your mood directly affects your work. And sitting at your desk all day can be too stressful for your neck and back, affecting your mood directly. Workout is not about quantity but quality. You don't need hours of exercise for a healthy body; only 20 minutes of high-intensity activities can also have the same benefits.

Being busy should not be an excuse for not living a healthy lifestyle. Instead of driving or getting a cab to your nearby workplace, choose to walk rather. Don't push yourself to do physical activity that you don't want to. Instead, pick a physical activity you love. It can be anything such as swimming, skipping, yoga or gymnastics.

Being active is a requirement for young generations; it is also necessary for older adults. A more aged person in your family suffering from diseases such as dementia or incontinence can join you too without worrying about any leakage. Older people can now wear their trusted adult diapers that protect them throughout and allow them to live their lives to the fullest. 

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