Nutritional tips for senior citizens

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As you become older, your lifestyle in your younger years calls for a slight difference. With age, the definition of a healthy diet also changes a bit. You need to adjust according to your body's needs and go for healthy ageing. 

To meet your body's needs in old age demands attention to eating habits like appropriate quantity, nutrition value and what to avoid. Even the slightest deviation can irritate and cause a long term impact. Let us know more about this in detail to improve one's diet. 

What to eat?

It's advisable to pay attention to different food and drinks and keep intake proportions recommended to attain a healthy and balanced diet. A proper diet with varying types of food is essential in daily life. 

A nutritious diet might also help prevent health problems such as heart disease, diabetes, cholesterol and even some types of cancers. Many get confused that one needs to make a complete 360 in their diet to have a healthy diet. It doesn't work like that. You only have to be aware of your body type, specific nutritional requirements, and food choices. 

How much to eat?

The calorie intake of men and women varies their entire life. Men generally require higher calories cause they have a higher proportion of muscle. You tend to lose muscle mass as you age, and your activity levels also drop. 

However, your need for nutrients will roughly stay the same if not go up. Your metabolism slows down, your senses seem to weaken down, and you're more likely to develop chronic conditions. Ensure all proportions of food with the most nutrition present in each meal. 

What to drink?

For every individual, it is imperative to make sure that they're drinking enough fluids. There is no doubt that your body needs plenty of liquid to work correctly. The benefits of keeping yourself hydrated are written in stone. With age, you might lose the sense of thirst, causing dehydration. With certain medications, it becomes crucial to prioritise drinking. 

It is best to avoid drinks containing added sugars and sweeteners. In addition to this, a limit on alcohol consumption is advisable. Caffeinated and sugary beverages are known to cause dehydration among senior adults. To reach the daily water intake goal, you should consume a minimum of 8 glasses every day. 

However, caffeinated drinks cause dehydration and are the reason for irregular sleep. As you age, it's prevalent to have disturbed sleep patterns. For senior citizens, it is advisable to sleep on good quality air mattresses to have a comfortable sleep.

How to go for healthy ageing?

Below are some of the obvious nutritional tips that every senior citizen should pen down to the few steps involved in happy and healthy living.

  • Reduce your sugar consumption - Refined sugars offer no nutritional value and are just loaded with empty calories. Among senior citizens, diabetes and fluctuating BP are common health problems. 
  • Plan your meals - Planning your meals gives you better control over what goes inside your body. You can add a healthy alternative to many food items to help maintain a healthy diet for a more extended period. 
  • Say no to alcohol - No matter how much you enjoy alcohol, consuming it in large quantities can be an evident source of calories. The alcohol is more concentrated in the blood with a more petite body as you age. Drinking too much alcohol is the reason for fluctuating blood pressure. To be confident with accurate results, BP Monitor with fully digital technology can be one of the best healthcare devices to keep at home. 
  • Look out for nutrients - When shopping for packaged and canned foods, you should always keep in mind to check the nutrition label. Sometimes, advertisements convince you that processed products are healthy choices. But be wary that processed food comes with high salt, sugar or fat content that you learn only after reading the label correctly. 
  • Pick a physical activity - Older adults, if overweight, face a negative impact on their health and lifestyle, affecting their mobility. It also increases the risk of various health conditions. Picking a physical activity you love is an excellent start to a healthy life. Suppose you're suffering from dementia or incontinence; there's no reason you don't get to enjoy your everyday. Wearing adult diapers with leakage protection and premium quality might solve your questions. Use them regularly and live everyday life, usually just like others. 

The tips mentioned above go a long way in keeping your body healthy and happy. Inculcating these simple tips and assistance from diet planning and healthcare experts always stays essential as you age. It's never too late to fall in love with your body and be good to yourself. 

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