A guide to remote patient health monitoring devices

BP Monitor Dr Amgenic healthcare thermometer

In this digital era and with never-ending Covid restrictions, people at home have started to take care of themselves independently. Earlier, they used to visit a doctor for every minor inconvenience. With portable health monitoring devices, a patient can regularly monitor their health from the comfort of their home and avoid visits to the doctor for primary health checks, blood sugar, hypertension, body temperature, pulse, etc. 

It's also convenient for the doctor to check on their remote patients when they've got devices that they can carry anywhere. Nowadays, many devices are available in the market that allows you to keep your health a priority. The most standard devices present in everyone's home are Thermometer, pulse oximeter and BP monitor. 

Let's read more about these three devices and how to use them in daily life?

Digital thermometers

A digital thermometer is a fast and accurate way to measure your body temperature conveniently. They are portable and safe to carry anywhere compared to the traditional liquid thermometer. Digital thermometers come under the extensive range of equipment that one can use at home and get professional outcomes without any issue.

With digital thermometers, it is essential to look for the right product that gives accurate readings so as not to create any kind of havoc among patients. Dr Amgenic’s digital thermometer is the one piece of equipment for all your needs and necessities. It is easy to read display, waterproof technology, and memory function makes it better than most thermometers available.

How to use 

A digital thermometer is the quickest and easiest way to know body temperature. You need to clean the thermometer's tip, turn it on, and place it under the tongue. Set it comfortably and wait until it beeps. Monitor your temperature. 

Pulse oximeter

A pulse oximeter is a device that attaches to the patient's finger to measure blood oxygen saturation level and pulse rate. This digital technology oximeter intends to do non-invasive spot-check measurements.

Its one-button operation becomes very simple and gets 70-100% accurate results in no time. It's must-have equipment to keep at home, especially for people with COPD, sleep apnea, or pneumonia. It is also advisable for the athletes to keep it with them.

Dr Amgenic's pulse oximeter is known to be a highly reliable device. It is Bluetooth enabled and comes with an LED Display for easy reading. 

How to use

To take accurate pulse oximeter readings, you must keep your hand stable, and your body relaxed. Make sure your hands are at normal temperature. Keep the oximeter on your finger for a minute and let the reading stabilize. 

Digital BP Monitor

BP Monitor is a must-have device for the elders to take care of at home. Digital BP Monitor is a device that measures your blood pressure fully automatically. This monitor provides accurate and reliable BP and pulses ratings. 

This monitor is an excellent way to manage your health. A digital BP Monitor is easy to use for older people. Blood pressure changes throughout the day, so it is not easy to visit the doctor 3-4 times a day. Having a monitor at home helps you check your readings. 

Dr Amgenic's digital BP Monitor is the one that best meets the needs. It is portable so that a remote patient can check BP anywhere without hassle. The cuff has automatic inflation and deflation for proper grip and precise results. 

How to use

Before checking your blood pressure, rest for at least 3-5 minutes and avoid talking. Elevate your arm and keep it at the level of your heart. Wrap the cuff around your bare arm and press the button to let it inflate automatically. Look at the monitor display to get your blood pressure reading. Once you get the readings, press the button and remove the cuff after it releases all the air. Wait for a couple of minutes if you wish to repeat it. 

Dr Amgenic offers very easy to use products of the best quality. These healthcare products help monitor your precious health with fast and precise results. They allow people to feel safe and attentive, offering all of it in home comfort. 

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