The best air mattress for patients at home 

It’s rightly said after a long day, one can only focus on bed and a night of good sleep. Proper sleeping is the body’s fuel. Especially for patients who spend most of their time on bed mattresses, you need access to a good quality mattress. It’s the key to a comfortable and peaceful sleep

Bedridden patients spend half of their time craving a sound sleep without feeling restless. They face challenges in their life of not being able to live life like an average person. To top it all off, they struggle to find a good mattress for them—looking for a mattress that helps avoid all night tossing and turning in bed. Low-quality mattresses can drive you around the bend the whole day. 

Patients confined to bed are more likely to get bed sores from the hard mattresses. Air bubble mattress is the need of the hour. They adjust according to your body and help in avoiding injury. Let’s read more about it.

What are medical air mattresses?

An air mattress is an inflatable mattress composed of polyvinyl chloride, more generally known as PVC. It is also known as an airbed or blow-up bed. Air mattresses are a type of mattress that helps avoid the early stages of bedsores, which are frequent in bedridden people. An air bubble mattress delivers all of the comforts of a standard bed, but its additional features, such as cells and pumps, help regulate blood flow in the body.

What is the need for a medical air mattress?

Medical air mattresses are specially designed for patients who're under-recovery. Patients confined to bed for almost the whole day use these alternating pressure mattress systems. Bedsores, which can progress to pressure ulcers, are common in such patients. Patients can avoid pressure ulcers by utilizing this bed mattress. Medical air mattresses employ alternating pressure and low air loss therapy to increase circulation in the patient's body, which helps to prevent skin deterioration caused by insufficient blood flow. 

What are the problems with a bad mattress?

With bedridden patients, certain things are difficult to dodge. You can only take measures to avoid injuries caused by a lousy air mattress. Mentioned below are some of the issues faced when you're using a low-quality mattress

Waking up tired - A faulty mattress can cause more than just back discomfort; it can also induce sleeplessness and other sleep problems. We've all experienced how an uncomfortable mattress may make you feel while sleeping. Even after sleeping for 8 hours, you still feel sluggish and tired when you wake up. It's the quality of your sleep, and your bed is to blame.

Memory issues - You'll have a terrible memory and have trouble remembering things if you don't get enough sleep because of a poor mattress. Based on the research of two different groups, this is known to be true. One group gets ample sleep, whereas the other is sleep deprived. When compared to the group that did not receive enough sleep, the first group could recall information better.

Allergies - It's possible that your mattress has bed bugs and mites all over it and that you're allergic to them. If you have skin conditions, respiratory allergies, rashes, other skin reactions, or even difficulty breathing when you lay down in bed, your mattress may have bed bugs and mites all over it.

Weak immune system - Sleeping in a low-quality bed can lead to restless nights. When you don't get enough sleep, your immune system suffers. When this happens, your health will be unable to fight bacteria and viruses, resulting in colds, coughs, and even more severe illnesses. Keep yourself healthy by sleeping on an air bubble mattress that provides the comfort and support you require.

Bed sores - Bed sores, also known as pressure sores, are skin ulcers that develop when extra pressure applies to sections of the body lying on the bed surface, causing the blood flow to the skin covering these areas to become insufficient. Pain, discomfort, or depression are the problems you can experience if you have bedsores. 

According to doctors, people who must stay in bed for long periods or are at risk of getting bedsores should use medical air mattresses. For persons with limited mobility, traditional mattresses may not be enough support.

What is the right choice of an air mattress?

Figure out the way to improve your sleep pattern and get proper sleep every night. Mattresses that are more than eight years old tend to lose their firmness. You need a bed that adjusts to your body and pressure points. A medical air mattress can give you a break from a restless night. Features to look for while buying an air bubble mattress are

  • The mattress that improves your comfort level 
  • The mattress that is durable in nature
  • The mattress having anti-bedsore qualities
  • Pain relief mattresses with alternate pressure points
  • Mattress with the proper pump kit to easily inflate and deflate the mattress when needed

Buying an air bubble mattress need not be tedious. Your air mattress should be best suited for your personal needs and comfort. Dr Amgenic air mattress never lets you compromise your sleep health. For bedridden patients, having bedsores or irregular sleep is not an issue anymore with air mattresses. They design these mattresses keeping in mind the conditions, needs and usage preferences of bedridden patients. Make sure you get a mattress that works the best for you. Dr Amgenic offers products which are ISO certified and showcase trust for everyone. 

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