How do air mattresses help in preventing injuries among patients?

Our bed is a haven of relaxation and reprieve for the majority of us at the end of each day. It's the place where we can forget about our to-do list or the major project due next week and go into a peaceful (or at least comfortable) slumber. On the other hand, the bed can be a source of anxiety and anguish for individuals confined to a bed owing to disease or limited mobility, especially when pressure wounds develop.

Patients with pressure wounds can experience anything from mild discomfort to severe pain, depending on the severity of the wound. However, with proper management and use of air bubble mattresses, healthcare providers can significantly decrease the occurrence of these unwanted incidents and help treat them when they occur, ensuring patients get the rest they need on the path to recovery and excellent health.

What is the problem?

The goal of medical air mattresses was to help immobile patients avoid pressure ulcers.

Pressure is a significant worry in all aspects of healthcare, but it is especially so among the elderly who spend so much time sitting or lying down. These pressure injuries are commonly known as Decubitus ulcers. 

Pressure wounds are soft tissue injuries caused by persistent pressure, resulting in a lack of oxygen and other nutrients resulting in losing skin cells. When we're in the same posture for numerous hours every day, the flow of blood to the boney sections of our bodies is more likely to decrease. These prolonged pressure, friction, or shear can result in various consequences, including sepsis, bone and joint infection, and, in some cases, cancer.

Who’s at risk?

Consistent pressure applied to the skin over time causes a pressure sore. Because older people's skin is thinner and more delicate, they are more likely to get a pressure sore if they stay in bed.

When you use a wheelchair, the areas of your body that rest against the chair are more susceptible to developing pressure sores. The tailbone or buttocks, shoulder blades, spine, and the backs of legs or arms are some places where this might happen.

Pressure ulcers are sometimes confused with bedsores, despite the fact that this technically doesn't seem right. They frequently affect patients confined to bed for lengthy periods, whether due to illness, paralysis, or surgery recovery.

Using air mattresses can help avoid this from happening in the first place. By adopting a variety of motions and patterns, the air successfully eliminates pressure build-ups. Let us read more about how air bubble mattresses work as anti-bedsores for many patients.

How do air mattresses help?

Air mattress prevents and treats the bedsores or pressure wounds. It comprises numerous inflated air tubes that expand and deflate in response to the movement of the patient's body. If a patient who's not able to move, they should not be left in one posture for an extended time because this can block healing. 

Inflating and deflating the bubbles relieves the pressure under the patient's body, particularly in the elbows, heels, shoulders, and hips. The medical air mattress improves air circulation and protects against pressure ulcers. With their air pockets, a bedridden individual never feels too much pressure on any one particular part of their body.

What should be the features of air-bubble mattresses?

When a member of your family, a friend, or a relative is afflicted with a medical problem, your priority is to make them as comfortable as possible. Dr Amgenic's air mattresses are known for their waterproof quality and durable material. They're convenient and easy to operate. They are lightweight hence an ideal choice for home use. Their mattresses prevent any kind of damage or spillage to them as they're easy to clean and maintain. 

The caregiver of the bedridden patient should not experience any difficulties while operating the medical air mattress or its air pump. The air pump should have back hooks to hang it somewhere near the bed and a knob to adjust accordingly. Dr Amgenic's air mattress covers all these features in their product. It is ISO certified and a value for money. 

It's difficult enough to deal with illness and immobility without adding the stress and misery of pressure wounds to the mix. Ensure patient comfort by utilizing all available resources, including air bubble mattresses, and get them on the path to recovery. 

While there is no exact formula for selecting the best medical air mattress, it is critical to keep your patients and their requirements at the forefront of your considerations. 

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